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      All of our chosen designers and craftspeople have a huge passion for what they do and many have been brought up in the family business where skills have been passed down from generation to generation. The pride in their product is not only demonstrated in the design and production but also in their choice of raw material suppliers, with many sourcing their leather hides and hardware from tanneries and manufacturers in the same region.

      All of our designers either have their own workshops or work very closely with local manufacturers. This enables the Designer to be involved in the whole process and therefore brings about a huge attention to detail that is clearly demonstrated in the finished item.
      Claudia Firenze
      Since 1979, the love and the passion of Ugo Severino for fine leather goods and his attention to detail have been the roots of Il Kuoio. Meticulous, creative, skilful, he gave rise to what today is a prominent Italian designer handbag company. Every seam expertly... Read more
      Surrounded by the traditional leather makers of Tuscany, Florence’s jewel, Claudia Firenze was first established in 1971 by Vittorio Sequi. Progressing from leather cutter to business owner, where he built the foundations of a well-established label with signature Italian style... Read more
      Carl Laitch
      Bonfanti Borse
      From the home of luxury fashion, Milan-based Carl Laich is the outcome of two teams of enthusiastic designers who came together to create a label that celebrated their mutual love for effortless design. In November 2013, brands Essevu and Tom Giva discovered a growing market... Read more
      Bonfanti Borse was founded in 1945 by husband and wife team, Ermogene and Anita Bonfanti, making bags and briefcases for men. In their small artisan workshop, the couple dedicated their days to carefully crafting practical yet elegant designs and by the 1950's the Bonfanti Borse business had become... Read more
      Bruno Carlo Logo
      Elizabetta logo
      Bruno Carlo is an Italian brand that specialises in gloves and accessories for men and women with roots in Italian craftsmanship and a strong contemporary identity. The brand, founded in the seventies by the Bruno family... Read more
      During a visit to Lake Como in 2003, Elizabeth, (Elizabetta, as her friends call her here in Italy) an interior designer and a textile aficionado, was introduced to the silk products and fabrics that Lake Como is historically famous for....Read more
      Maison Lejaby Marlon Firenze Logo
      Maison Lejaby is a French fashion house that has cultivated its expertise in designing and making lingerie since 1930. Marlene Dietrich in the film The Blue Angel was the inspiration that sparked the company into existence... Read more Marlon Firenze is a young brand that wants to reinterpret the centuries-old tradition of leather goods made in Italy and more precisely made in Tuscany. Marlon Firenze produces a range of handbags, foulard and accessories which have... Read more
      MAYA designer Powder Logo
      MAYA scourer around the world trends to bring you the exoticism of distant cultures, rich materials, care, details, colours and original textures through our great variety of bags that you can really feel yourself... Read more Powder was created in 2009 by award-winning Design Director Lisa Beaumont. Powder has since grown a reputation for creating unique accessories that women just love to wear! Beaumont was born in Edinburgh in 1969... Read more
      Plinio Visona logo Boldrini Selleria
      Founded in 1959, Plinio Visonà is named after its founder, an artisan master and enlightened entrepreneur. Plinio's passion and interpretation of the women's handbag as a chest of secrets, rather than... Read more Boldrini Selleria was founded in Tuscany in 1955 when Scandiano Boldrini opened a small handbag business in a little town, Chiesina Uzzanese, where the scent of leather... Read more
      Barada logo
      The legacy of a Spanish artisans family-owned company begins in Ubrique, a small village in the south of Andalucia (Spain) in 1950. Surrounded by green mountains and white houses... Read more