Ladies Leather Handbag Queen Palude 20562 Perfect Gift By Plinio Visona

Plinio Visona
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The Plinio Visona Queen Palude Calf Leather Ladies Handbag is a stunning full grain calf leather Italian handbag suitable for many different occasions as it can be worn as a handbag or as a shoulder bag because of the additional removable strap. The Plinio Visona Queen Palude Calf Leather Ladies Handbag's large capacity interior allows for more carry space. It is quite a deceptive bag. When carried by the two rigid handles it appears to be a fairly small ladies leather bag whereas when it is used as a shoulder bag by adding the shoulder strap, the true capacity of this lovely bag is revealed. 

This soft truffle colour Plinio Visona unstructured bag is designed with the famous Plinio Visona stitching detail on the 2 rigid handles, the sides of the bag and alongside the gold zip. The interior is unlined ,with one small compartment that is perfect for keys and other valuables. The full grain calf leather gives this handbag that gorgeous leather scent we will all crave with new leather bags. 

Measurements: Height - 20cm, Length - 28cm, Width - 24cm