Brand Spotlight: Goodeehoo

Brand spotlight: Goodeehoo

The Taylor & Jackson Team are thrilled to introduce a new addition to our website, Goodeehoo!

Established in 2018, Natalie and Ceri developed their passion-project into a thriving enterprise. With the aim to provide vegan-friendly and intricately designed stationery and gifts.

The duo focuses on vegan-friendly materials, as they prioritise on contributing to sustainability without preaching. With products crafted from a soft grain PU, a vegan material and greener alternative to PVC, they feel as luxurious as leather without compromising on our environment. Even better, the pieces are available in an assortment of bright colours – with something to suit everyone.

Here are just a few of their standout products, which are now available to shop at Taylor & Jackson.


Cinnabar wash bag

Starting off strong for our organisation lovers!

Here at Taylor & Jackson we love to keep things tidy, so we thought it was only fair to offer a versatile organiser for our customers who share the same love for neatness.

The list is extensive, and it doesn’t have to be strictly cosmetics - but we do think it makes for an aesthetic dressing table accessory, whilst keeping all your cosmetics and toiletries in order.

With compartments to easily segment, store and arrange your belongings it really works wonders for keeping you organised and stylish at the same time! But it’s not just for home life, it’s also the perfect travel companion for those upcoming summer holidays.

Here’s a few things we think the Cinnabar Wash bag would store well:

  • Baby products
  • Make-up
  • Perfume
  • Medicines
  • Toiletries
  • Stationary
  • Charging cables / batteries

What would you store in yours?


Pearl Duo Purse

If you wisely invest in the Pearl Duo Purse, you’ll no longer experience the hassle

of chunky purses which take up all the space in your handbag and weigh you down. Similarly, if you don’t already have a slim fit style purse, you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing its transformative nature.

Available in a bold range of colours, (such as the forest green pictured) the Pearl Duo Purse is a cardholder with the added benefit of a zipped pocket for spare change or small items e.g. your front door key.

As a unisex item they’re also a brilliant gifting idea for both men and women, especially with the wide variety of colours available.

Which colour would you pick?


Nicobar A5 Notebook

Whether you like to journal your thoughts or you’re partial to a daily ‘to-do’ list, the

brightly coloured Nicobar notebooks are sure to be a welcomed addition to your collection.

This luxurious notebook is made with 100 single sheets of 100gsm lined paper and secured with a smart clasp. Each page has a section for noting the date, making it a staple for avid diary writers and work meetings.   

As the Nicobar notebook was specially designed to fit perfectly into the front and inside pocket of the Goodeehoo Tucuman Tote Bags, they’re bound to wow the office with their trendy appearance and efficient functionality. A must have for those dreary Monday morning meetings!


This is only a small selection of the range now available to shop on Taylor and Jackson.

With each product available in a range of vivid colours, and the option to mix and match with the other available accessories, the Goodeehoo products are sure to make it onto your wish list and into your online shopping cart!


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