Mothers Day Gifting

Mothers Day Gifting

Although we should be thankful for her every day, Mother’s Day is a great time to give back to our mums and show them how much they mean to us.  This is  for all they do for us including the free taxis, babysitting, home cooked meals and just being the rock in our lives.
Mums don’t often get the chance to treat themselves, as they’re always putting everyone else first! Gifting them some beautiful treats will make them feel loved and special, which is what Mother’s Day is all about.
We have created the ultimate gift guide to make finding the perfect gift a lot easier!

Lily Flame Candle

World’s Greatest Mum!

A fizzing Sweet Floral scent accompanies a pink, red and white colour palette.

Decorated with a few scattered flower designs this will bring a smile to any Mums face and will show her just how much you mean to her. She'll think of you every time she lights this delightful gift. 

Lily-Flame Scented Candle Tin Perfect Gift WORLD'S GREATEST MUM


Powder Design Sock

Best Mum!

With 'Best Mum' graphic detail on the sock your mum will be reminded of her lovely present - and you - every single time she puts them on!  As they’re made with bamboo, they’re extra soft and will keep her feet super cool on summer days or warm on cooler days.

Ladies Bamboo Ankle Socks BEST MUM Perfect Gift by Powder Design SOC413


Powder Design Eye Mask

Lobster Buddies!

With these quirky fun Luxury Lavender Eye Masks Lobster Buddies! Would be a perfect gift for your mum they come in a drawstring bag to keep the smell of lavender locked in the mask. Your mum can lie back and relax with the soothing scent of lavender.

 Ladies Luxury Lavender Eye Masks Lobster Buddies By Powder Design LEM23 SS24


Powder Design Cosy Socks

Fair Isle Petal Cosy Sock!

Crafted with exceptional warmth and style in mind, these socks are a perfect addition to your mum’s comfort collection. We have matching Kids cosy socks so Mum and little ‘un can match on these cold days with your feet up.

Ladies Cosy Warm Lined Socks Perfect Gift by Powder Design AW23


Powder Design Glasses Chain

Delicate Chain in Pearls!

Does she always miss place her glasses or sunglasses? Well, these stunning glasses chain is not only a great gift for her but is also beautiful and adds a touch of glamour. Also comes with a Powder complimentary gift bag.

Ladies Delicate Sunglasses Chain By Powder Design SS24


Powder Design Jewellery Box

Oval Lavender Hummingbird!

With this stunning jewellery box, your mum could keep her favourite jewellery in it, on her dressing table. This gorgeous novelty jewellery box will put a big smile on her face. Also comes with a Powder complimentary gift bag.

Ladies Oval Jewellery Box Hummingbird By Powder Design SS24


Most Mums, specially mine always says for Mother’s Day “you don’t have to get me anything” or “I don’t need anything”. But we all know our mothers deserve to be treated once and a while and it doesn’t have to be big or expensive, they just appreciate the thought and being shown that you have thought about what you have got them as a gift.
We all love our mothers so lets show them.


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